Thrifted Thursday: Vintage Find on Instagram

i’ve recently started to wean myself off of fast-fashion clothing brands, and have turned my focus to more ethical options when shopping. I’m hoping to slowly (note the emphasis on slowly) build my closet with sustainable pieces for a more conscious closet that i’m proud of, and will never get tired of as I wear the clothing over and over.

so besides looking into the big sustainable/ethical brands like Reformation and Everlane, i’ve started to delve into the world of thrifting for some more unique pieces. hitting up the local thrift store is a given, but i’ve recently come across thrifting on Instagram. enter the fabulous account, Sentaku. initially, i was extremely skeptical about buying from a random Instagram account that i had just stumbled across via the search page, but thankfully i had come across the right one. i took note that people were commenting on posts, and Sentaku updated daily with what pieces were sold or were still on sale. The posts constantly feature a beautiful and cool selection of vintage pieces for menswear and womenswear, that are ultimately priced fairly.

and that’s when i saw the Armani jeans post. the high waist, relaxed fit, and light wash were the perfect essential to my updated closet. the jeans are from the 90s, lightly worn, with cute detailing on the back pocket. i was so excited to get this purchase in, and to see they fit well according to Sentaku’s description was a serious relief.

social media thrifting has definitely opened up my world. I would still suggest being cautious about any purchases through social media, but there are legit accounts out there. I will keep you posted on any other thrift accounts i purchase from, but let me know if any of you stumble across other social media thrift or vintage account/sites.