Current Read: “a Head Full of Ghosts” by Paul Tremblay

over the past couple of years, i’ve gotten into the habit of buying books that i regrettably pile into some corner of my room after adding it to my never-ending reading list. with work and classes getting in the way, i started Tremblay’s A Head Full of Ghosts to start off the Halloween season back in October…and still have yet to finish it. thankfully i ended my fall semester strong, and i’m nearing my holiday vacation from work, so i undoubtedly plan to tackle the rest of this book as soon as possible.

this is my first Tremblay novel, and i’m definitely inclined to read more from him after i (finally) finish A Head Full of Ghosts. i’m sad to say that i wasn’t familiar with him before October, but i thankfully stumbled across a subReddit of this horror podcast i occasionally listen to, and they mentioned Tremblay was a perfect read for some horror fiction. The novel follows Merry Barrett as an adult as she recounts a childhood centered around her older sister Marjorie, whose sudden strange actions eventually lead to the Barretts starring on the popular (and controversial) television show The Possession.

i’m over halfway done, and so far i’m intrigued to the point that i’m just frustrated it has taken this long to read (i hate that i’ve put this book down so much that i’m seriously considering locking myself in my room over vacation until i finish it). i’ll keep you posted when i’m finished, and do a whole lovely review on this because the book definitely deserves one.

and i’m happy to hear if anyone’s read this, or if this is on your reading list too – let me know what you think!