paper work

i’ve been working on a series since college, and it’s one of those projects that i can never seem to finish because i’m always tweaking and coming up with new concepts for it visually. maybe this is a lifelong series that i’ll never be done with, or maybe i’ll see the finish line soon, but i’ve enjoyed the journey with this series nonetheless.

(a visual for my journal to keep track of all my ideas)

initially, i had a lot of anxiety with how the process of this series had taken so long. with shooting on film, and developing, and playing with layering the images through scanning, i found that i was really taking my time exploring and learning a process. this may seem typical, but in an era where some artists seem to be constantly pumping out various works on social media, it really caused me to panic as i thought i wasn’t doing enough. it wasn’t until i had finally gone to an art talk to see one of my favorite local artists here in Dallas – who’d stressed that there is true value in taking your time (she admitted that her amazing process for a particular series often resulted in about one image being produced every couple of months) – that i finally realized that every process and series is unique, and if i needed all the time in the world to produce it, then i’d be patient enough to give myself the time for it.

(currently how the project is looking!)

so i’m still working on this paper series, and although i have no idea really when i’ll be done entirely, my excitement for this series has remained constant, and i’m truly happy with the path this series has taken.